Cross Country: Sprinting to the Finish Line

Madelyn Jones, Staff Writer, Online Manager

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The cross country team has had a fun season this year.  Cross country is one of the most close-knit teams here because the team does many events to foster this spirit, like the spaghetti feed which allows the team to bond.

 It takes a lot of motivation and dedication in cross country, but the team depends on each other to be able to have the strength to run such long distances.

 “For me last year I didn’t want to go to practice, but the people made it worth it,” Senior Manoat Chan said.

When cross country competes, the courses for the race are for a 3k and 5k which is about 1.5 miles and 3 miles. The bigger races like Nike xc can have about 400 people per event, making it intense. The district meet for cross country is at Centennial High School.

 “Districts are one of the easier courses in my opinion compared to other courses,” Chan said.

 Evan Olson, a senior has been running for 3 seasons now, originally joined cross country out of curiosity. He went to summer workouts his sophomore year and ended up falling in love with the team and the coaches. He started having tons of fun competing for himself and against his own times. Prior to running Olson had never done a sport like this, so it was very interesting to him.

 “Cross Country had been going pretty great. I have been running faster and faster times and really settling into the role of a leader on the team this season,” senior Evan Olson said.  

 Junior Fernanda Nunez participates in cross country to prepare herself for track. She would like to get physically and mentally stronger so she can do better in her track races.

 “A way the team can improve is pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and maybe having more spaghetti feeds to have a better team bond,” Nunez said.

As we look forward to hearing how the rest of their season goes, let’s hope the team continues to strive for a stronger bond with each other and to continue having a good season.

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Cross Country: Sprinting to the Finish Line