Skates Turn Into Bibles


Matthew Coffey, Staff Writer

Long-running business, Skate World, is closing its doors once and for all. Skate World opened in 1974 and became a popular hangout for people of all ages. Recently, a church bought the establishment and took the once-popular roller rink out of the picture.

Skate World sold the building because it needed repairs done on the building itself within a short period of time.

Now some of the reason they decided to let go was that the building itself was in need of serious repairs within the next couple years,” said Skate World’s co-manager Joshua Bird.

Although Skate World was a big part of a lot of people’s childhood, there are no reports of Skate World opening in Oregon again. People hate the idea that it has to go after all these years because of the many great memories that have been made at the famous roller rink.

“It is sad. Both me and my mom learned to skate there and I hate to see it go.” said sophomore Phoenix Sands. Since the church

“It might suck the fun out of the building” said sophomore Adriana Yates. “ We have so many churches in the area and it sucks to see that one is taking away an amazing place.”

Lately, the Skate World parking lot has been empty. Summer seems to get less of a crowd than the winter months.

Skate World employee Kyle Asberry said, “People didn’t fully stop coming, they just didn’t come as often. People just thought ‘Why be inside during the summer?’”.

Skate World was known for their activities. One of the most beloved activities was the dice game,  where a worker came out to roll a dice and if you’re sitting in the area with that number, you’re out. They also play games such as Red Light Green Light, which pits you against other skaters in a race to the other side of the rink.

Skate World plans to close on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. They announced that they will have a “Last Skate” on October 27 which means people can use the rink one last time.

One of the most memorable parts of this place is the wall where people have written their names, this wall has been a big part of Skate World since the beginning because hundreds of people have written on the wall.   Many will miss this Gresham business where many memories were made.