Get to Know New Teachers: If You Could be One Famous Person Who Would You Be?


Lelend Spencer, Staff Writer


Scott Jayne, Math: “Benjamin Franklin – all time, Elon Musk – modern”


Brian Davis, Avid: “I would be Denzel Washington. Not only is he an amazing actor, filmmaker and director, he is a philanthropist that is assisting many causes. Causes supported: abuse, adoption, fostering, orphans, AIDS & HIV, animals, at-risk/disadvantaged youths, cancer, children, creative Arts, diabetes, disaster relief, education, family/parent support, health, human rights, hunger, physical Challenges, poverty, veteran/service member support. His body of work speaks volumes, and he is a motivational force to many.”


Andrew Blackburn, English: “I would be Ninja, and expose his viewers to games that are a lot better than Fortnite.”


Michael Pachelo, Special Education: “I would have to say that I have no interest in being someone that is considered to be famous.  I prefer peace and quiet over celebrity. To be fair to your question, if I had to pick a famous person to become for a day it would probably be Chip Gaines.  I really enjoy construction, remodel and design. It would be fun to have the access to money and other resources that he has for a day… or two.”


Allison Leepin, Social Studies: “I would be – Chrissy Teigen: Great cook, intelligent, adorable family, world traveler, and if she wasn’t famous she would have been a teacher!”


Gina Gonzales-Gutierrez, Science: “I would be Neil Armstrong because a visit to the moon would be a phenomenal experience, and to be the first person on the moon would make the experience 10 times better!”


Safiyah Thorne, English: “I would say I would like to be Amy Schumer, why because she is really funny and she does a good job demonstrating all the awkwardness in life through humor. She makes people know it is okay to laugh through all the ups and downs that life throws at you.”


Gina Furth, Special Education: “I would want to meet Stephen King. He has been my favorite for most of my life and I am a huge fan of his Dark Tower series. I think he is an interesting person with an intricate universe of stories woven into his DNA. I would like to ask him if any of his fiction stories are true. Is there really a Man in Black? “

Kees Keizer, Special Education: “I would choose the ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates.