Resolutions Humans of GHS

Merisa Taylor, Staff Writer

(freshman) Savannah Jacobs- In 2019 I really want to improve in my school work by getting caught up in homework and assignments and learn something new and interesting.I also want to find some adventure.


(freshman) Jasmine Fallert- I’m trying to eat more fruit and vegetables and be a little healthier and happier going into 2019. I’m going to try and revise my life to try and make it better.


(sophomore) Mia Eki- I want to brighten up someone’s day by making them smile and I want to feel good knowing I made someone else feel better about themselves.


(sophomore) Ayla Spillman- I want to better myself and feel better about myself and be positive about myself and others.


(junior) Danika Nuñoz- I want to get a head start and figure out my future plans for my college education and work on my guitar skills. I’m thankful and grateful for my friends and family and everyone who has helped me succeed.


(junior) Sean Baisden- My New Year’s resolution is to bring good things to my family and friends.I am thankful for my big group of friends and especially thankful for my daughter, she has brought joy to my life.


(senior) Troy Chittock– I want to find a new balance between doing choir and theatre and getting my school work done (while) still hav(ing) time to relax at home. It’s hard to do the things you love and still have time to do school work.


(senior) Julia Adams- I want to be more organized in school and my everyday life and I  also want to find my path for the future and see what life has to offer.