December Horoscopes


Katie Cruz & Amellia Wells, Staff Writer


Capricorn (12/22- 1/19) -> Family affairs and emotional matters will be the main focus. You will be highly aggressive/independent. You need to take action and accomplish your objectives, although this will create chaos with your friendships/relationships. Your main interests will be kindhearted activities, like social service and charity.


Aquarius (1/20- 2/18) -> You can reach your personal goals with your own effort, there is no need to adapt to conditions or people. You gain great ideas through dreams as well as participating in charity. The main interests for you are career progress, social life, spiritual/academic activity, traveling, and personal charisma.


Pisces (2/19- 3/20) -> You are assertive. You have the potential to accomplish things on your own, you choose your own terms and conditions and others have no choice but to accept them. Your main interests are relationships/social life, career, changing your personal image and sensuality.


Aries (3/21- 4/19) -> You are aware of your personal/social responsibilities and you’re taking all the steps to make sure you achieve them. Now is the time to be more aggressive. Your main interests are your spiritual activities, advanced studies, traveling, love affairs, relationships, and social events.


Taurus (4/20- 5/20) -> Social grace is a requirement to achieve your desires. You will need to be flexible to follow people/situations, You can not assert or push through to your agenda without the help of others. Your main interests are, financial matters of self/others, spiritual education, travelling, and love life.


Gemini (5/21- 6/20) -> Your main focus will be development of self and outer ambitions. You are setting goals for the future and focusing on family. You’re appreciated by everyone. Your main interests are love/social life, fun/entertainment, creative/spiritual activities, traveling, and physical relationships.


Cancer (6/21- 7/22) -> Your future ambitions will take effect over emotional issues and family welfare. With the help of others you can attain your objectives. Your main interests are development, health, physical relationships/love matters.


Leo (7/23- 8/22) -> You will be more preoccupied with the past more than planning for your  future development. You have to keep other people’s interests in mind and cut down your assertiveness. Your main interests are health, love, and money.


Virgo (8/23- 9/22) ->  You will be happy looking at your past successes when strategizing for the future. There is no place for assertiveness and venture. Your social skills should be exercised to get completed.


Libra (9/23- 10/22) -> You are focusing on solving problems in relationships. You are more involved with your past memories than future development. You can learn from your past experiences, they will help you with your future.


Scorpio (10/23- 11/21) -> Emotional happiness and family issues are more important. You are creating your own heaven and are not dependant on others. You will be keen to enhance your academic capabilities.


Sagittarius (11/22- 12/21) -> Family affairs and psychological happiness are important. There is no need for you to exercise your social skills due to your dominating personality, others are under your control. Indulge yourself in dreams and illusions.