Artist: Sulameta Lupanov


Madelyn Jones, Online Manager

Our school is filled with students with immense artistic ability. From halls filled with paintings to classrooms filled with sculptures, their talents are featured everywhere. Senior Sulameta Lupanov, a student artist, has been drawing since she was 3 years old, and her love for art has only grown since then.

 When she was young Lupanov would find creative ways to express herself and her mom only helped her further expand her talent. “I would always ask my mom to draw something so I could try to recreate it,” Lupanov said.

  She has always liked naturalism and realism artwork the most. “I think it’s amazing how someone could make a drawing look like an actual picture, right now I am working on a family portrait that’s my favorite one at the moment, ” Lupanov said.

  When it comes to high school art classes Lupanov doesn’t think it has made her more confident in her artwork. “I feel like when I’m taking an art class my confidence is lower” Lupanov said. “It is scary for a lot of people to turn in their artwork because they aren’t sure of the outcome.”

  For those who want to take art, they should try their best, but don’t overdo it. Lupanov suggests not fixing every little mistake, or you will never finish anything. Artists will always see something they could improve upon. Instead, look at the mistakes and try to avoid them the next time around. Lupanov isn’t a perfectionist, although she does try her best, after high school she plans to continue art as a hobby and get better artistically.