Wrestlers ‘Gopher’ the Pin

Soleil Williams, Staff Writer

As the 2018-19 Wrestling season begins, Coach Eddie Sifuentes is ready for a great season.

“I love the sport of competition in what it does for young athletes. It builds confidence with an attitude for life.” Sifuentes said. He’s happy with these young athletes and feels like they’re giving 100 percent in learning the sport.

The first wrestling tournament was on Saturday, December 1st at Oregon City High School. Junior wrestler Gage McDaniels won 3 out of 5 matches in this first tournament.

“The thing that I enjoy most about wrestling is that it’s directly representative of how much work you yourself put in, because there is no team on the mat with you to pick up your shortcomings. There is also always a way for you to come back and win. If you don’t do well your first or second round you can always go for a pin!” McDaniels said.

 Mcdaniels believes that the team has a strong chance of coming back this year from their previous losing streak last season. “We can only get better from here on out” McDaniels said.

 Senior wrestler Alexander Stone said their most recent match went well, “although most of the varsity boys lost, none of us gave them easy victories.”

The top 3 wrestlers this season are: Ethan Frantz with 5 wins and 17 team points, Caden Brewington with 4 wins and 23 team points, And Ma Chan with 4 wins and 14 team points. This season the team has a total of 179 points.


Upcoming Wrestling matches

1/12 – Sat @9:00 Southridge tournament @Southridge HS

1/17 – Thu @6:30 Gresham vs. Reynolds @Reynolds HS

1/24 – Thu @6:30 David Douglas vs. Gresham @Gresham HS

1/31 – Thu @6:30 Gresham. vs Clackamas @Clackamas