Spring Break on a Budget

Soleil Williams, Staff Writer

   Being a high school student can be tough, not just because of the heavy load of homework we all get right before the weekend, but because we often don’t have much money.  When spring break comes around and you realize you’ve spent all your money on Dutch Bros, what are you left to do? You won’t be able to go on that road trip with your friends you have been talking about for weeks.

  We have a solution for you: here are some fun, local things you can do over spring break on a budget!

My favorite thing to do is binge watch whatever show is in on Netflix.  The show “You” is my current favorite. In this show a bookstore manager, Joe takes a very strong liking to grad student Beck. After every episode, a secret is revealed, which keeps you interested until the end.  Some other popular Netflix binges are “Riverdale”, and “Birdbox”.

    If you prefer to be outdoors you might consider going on a hike. Some local hiking trails are Powell Butte Nature Park, Springwater Corridor Trail, and Gabbert Butte. At Powell Butte Nature Park there is a great view of Mt. Hood and there’s many different plants and flowers to look at. There are some great photo spots throughout this park and the hike is very relaxing.

Some might just want to hang out at home and eat some great food during the week off.   “I like to chill at home and eat when I’m not on adventures with my friends and family,” sophomore Abril Delgado said.

   You could invite your friends over for a bonfire or barbecue because you can’t go wrong with food! Some ideas are burgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad or ordering from GrubHub or post mates if you don’t feel up to cooking.  

 If you have been saving up, and not wasting your money on coffee drinks, you might want to research local concerts or plan a trip to the beach. In Seaside you can rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals, or visit the Seaside Carousel Mall after shopping for cheesy souvenirs and swinging on the beach at sunset.

  It’s also nice to just hang out with friends and family and relax.“Over spring break I would like to spend time with my family, get my nails done or go to the mall,” sophomore Bianca Saavedra said.

  Some other local places to visit are the Portland Japanese garden or the Oregon Zoo or you could also use the time off from school to make more money.   “Over spring break I like to go shopping and when I’m not shopping I’m usually working,” sophomore Lilly Saavedra said.

 Even if your not thinking about doing something over spring break, it’s nice to have a break from school.