Dance Team Rises To The Stars

Merisa Taylor, Staff Writer

The dance team has been very successful in competitions this season. They placed first at Clackamas and Reynolds, then they hit second in their category championships this fall season. After making it to state last year and doing it again this year, the team then made it to nationals for the first time in years this year. The team is headed to nationals from March 16th to the 19th at the Memorial Coliseum in Anaheim, CA.

As they head to the national competition, the team is looking at improvements they can make in the next month.“We need to continue to work on technique, The 6A Division is very tough with a lot of talented teams,” coach Jen Wilson said. The dance team is doing well but there is some stiff competition with the other 6A schools, such as Lake Oswego and Tigard High school.  The team knows they need to work hard as a team to do well at nationals.

“This team works hard and works together,” coach Wilson said. The team has a shared love for dancing that brings them together. The team works hard and is focused, they are always trying their best to improve their skills and still have fun.

“There is always something for the team to work on and that is why we practice, so we can improve upon those areas and grow.” Smith said.

Communication is a big factor for any sports team, but this is especially important for the dance team which is built around teamwork. “Without us communicating we can’t dance as one team but rather we dance as individuals,” senior dancer Tieanti Aparicio said. It takes work to come together as one but the team is willing to overcome this obstacle and improve.

“The past three years we have done so well and I am honestly so proud of us,” Aparicio said. The dance team has and will continue to show the gopher spirit through their moves and passion towards the sport.

“Every year the dance team improves it just isn’t necessarily shown to people outside of dance,” senior dancer Savannah Smith said. Dance isn’t the most well-known sport here, but they consistently win awards and qualify at state and national competitions. The entire GHS community is hoping for another win at nationals this year.