Girls Basketball: Posting Up For A Better Season

Evynn Crenshaw, Staff Writer

The girls’ basketball varsity, JV and JV2 teams are ending their seasons soon and have had some interesting games.  The varsity team won one game this season, while the JV team has been doing fairly well. “ We’re doing good overall and have won five out of 10 games,” freshman player Nadia Mosley said.

  The players have been working hard to strengthen their skills this season to improve as both individuals and as a team. “I think I came into the season playing really strong as an individual, but then I went soft on my training which really started to show. Now I feel like I’m working really well with my teammates,” sophomore Emily Goodwin said.     

The coaches of these teams have seen the hard work the girls have put in and hope they will only get better in the future.  “We are improving this year, and continue to work hard and get better. Good things are to come,” head coach of JV2 Gabriel Shields, said.

The girls’ basketball team spends many hours practicing to improve on the court. “We have two hours of practice every day, and two games a week and that’s just school basketball. I usually add in a few hours of my own training,” Goodwin said. The teams know that the practice will only help them in the long run

Boys’ basketball teams are more well known in most schools, but girls love playing the game too. “I think there’s a lot of reasons that girls enjoy this game. The majority enjoy the fast-paced activity and enjoy the ability to improve skills,” Shields said.

Many girls on the team are also drawn to the competition of the game “ I like the competition of the game, it forces you to get outside of your comfort zone and pushes you to be the better competitor,” Goodwin said.

Boys basketball seems to be taking up the attention of the school this season, what about the girls? The girls’ basketballs team needs more fans and support from the GHS community. The boys’ varsity games are often at the same time as the girls’ varsity games but in two different places, which makes students have to choose between the games and split their support.

“We don’t have superfans at all,” said Mosley. “I’d say more people go to the boys’ games.”

It can be hard for the players when they don’t feel like they have the support of the school behind them.  The girls are very appreciative for their fans that do show up to the games and often try even harder to bring home the win for their loyal fans.   

“We definitely feel like the boys are more supported by our school, but we also feel like that the people that do show up to our games are loud and enthusiastic. When people from our school come and support it makes us strive to work even harder than we already are,” Goodwin said.