Softball: Hitting it Out of the Park

Serena Harness, CUB Writer

 Everyone has their own hobbies, for some, it’s music, others like sports. Many girls love to play softball here at Gresham.  Our team is under new leadership and has been hitting it out of the park this season. The varsity team consists of: Samantha Staples (junior), Jenni Ruiz (sophomore), Kyla Nannini (junior),  Holly Thoresen (junior), Mariah Monteith (senior), Arynne McNamara (senior), Brynna Lutz (senior), Baylie Lutz (sophomore), Bella Perkins (junior), Peri Leo (freshman), Laura Cruz Reyes (senior), Elizabeth Tuholski (sophomore), Madison McIntosh (junior), Alise Olson (junior), Daijah Lugo (freshman),and Ahlivia Perkins (sophomore).

    So far, the softball team has played eight games. The first was against The Dalles which they lost 6-12. They won against Milwaukie 13-0, McKay 11-1, Aloha 5-4, and Glencoe 2-1.  They lost against Hood River Valley 0-13, Westview 1-11, Banks 0-15, Jesuit 0-12, and against Bend 4-15.

      Head coach and social studies teacher, Jim Gardenhire is new to the softball team this year.  He previously coached the boys’ tennis.

“I saw an opportunity to teach girls’ softball which is wicked,” Gardenhire said. “The hardest thing about coaching softball is the time and commitment and the variables that come within the game.” It takes about 10,000 hours for the average person to learn something and perfect it, and the girls on the softball team put in many hours to work on their skills.

 “It can take many years of practicing their skills to become professional,” said Gardenhire.

 As for putting in time and commitment, Samantha Staples and Daijah Lugo have definitely done that. Staples has been playing softball since she was just six years old, she is now a junior and loves to play for Gresham High. And as for Lugo, she has been playing softball since her grandpa first taught her and is now playing as a freshman.

 “I enjoy myself when I play softball, it’s a good way for me to blow off steam,” Staples said. “The adrenaline from hitting the ball is the most fun thing about softball,” Lugo said. “Softball helps me relaxed and relieves stress because it takes my mind off of school.”  

      Everyone tries something new at least once in their life, and for Staples that was softball. “When I started playing softball at six years old, I was excited to try something new.”

  Playing sports can provide new experiences and can also help you to make some new friends.  The time spent practicing, traveling, and playing creates a tight bond between teammates on the team.    

“I have made some best friends through softball,” Staples said.

While softball, and other sports, offer a chance to make new friends, they can also be dangerous and players can sustain serious injuries.

“I have gotten hit in the face by grounders at least twice,” Staples said. But some injuries won’t come out as bad as others.

   “I have gotten a concussion in the middle of a game, I took off my helmet to see the ball better,” Said Lugo “ And a girl and I on 3rd base clashed together, it’s okay though I still got her out,” Lugo said. Although things can be a little bit of a bother, the weather can be one of them.

  “In the hot weather, it can be hard playing as the catcher because of all the gear you have to wear, ”Lugo said.

 This just goes to show how hard working the softball team really is.  The softball team plays through terrible weather and injuries all while working as a team to bring home the win.