Ask Argus- Sincerely, Torn

Angelica Smith, Staff Writer, Page Designer, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Argus,

I’m having some boy trouble. I like a guy but I don’t know how to tell if he likes me back. We don’t talk a whole lot but when we do it’s really nice. Even if I’m awkward as hell. Should I test the waters out as friends first? I’m lost.

Sincerely, Torn

Dear Torn,

I recommend befriending him before jumping into a relationship. You should figure out if you can tolerate this person as a friend before fulfilling anything serious because it’s easier to know whether or not a potential relationship is worth it. You can start by creating a non-awkward environment, getting to know more about him, and spending time with together outside of school. I recommend going to a location you’re both comfortable with along with adding some humor because it will encourage him to open up more.