Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Nadia Moseley, CUB Writer

Recently GHS started some very exciting remodels, including the new auditorium. While this is thrilling news and many students are anxious to see the new school building,  the transition between the old auditorium to the new one has created some struggles for those who use it as a classroom. The theater department has had to move to the mat room for the 2018-19 school year.

  “This is definitely not what I thought theater would be like especially with no auditorium, but the program is working best with what they have,”  freshman Juliet Ramirez said.

  On top of the hardship of having a “makeshift” classroom, the theater department also had difficulties obtaining the rights to “Into the Woods”, which was going to be the spring musical. But as they’ve demonstrated many times before, they are very flexible and were able to put on amazing performances of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in early May.

  Successfully putting on a musical requires long, draining hours of rehearsal every day.

 “I love spending time with (my) friends, but hates the long rehearsals.” junior Autumn Schroeder said.

  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” musical tells the biblical story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. The musical was first performed in 1968 and was a “crisp, exciting and undraggy” according to Derek Jewels who reviewed the play. Sara Dempsey and her cast took a more modern approach on a typically traditional storyline.
  There was a  joyful feeling between cast mates throughout the preparation process of the show and this is evident while watching the musical.  

  “You’ll expect many things, but you’ll experience the feelings of happiness, greed, sorrow, and forgiveness,” sophomore theater student Brodie Joseph said.

Throughout the process of creating the show, many castmates became close and formed bonds that will last beyond school.

  “I love everyone in the drama department, I really do. But if there’s anyone who has made this show amazing, it’s tied between Andrew Walton and Adam Carsner. These two truly have been a part of my heart in many ways. They just make everything so amazing, I really care for them and they really care for me. The best and most beautiful things must be felt with the heart, and I felt Adam and Andrew with my heart. They mean that much to me. They always will,” Joseph said.

  While some students such as junior Cameron Gibbons felt nervous because of the lack of people involved in the production,  senior Troy Chittock reassures members that “thankfully our department can be very flexible, I’m satisfied with the cast we have and everyone is doing a great job!”

  With hard work comes successful results and this is what was demonstrated by the cast in their performances. The musical was held at the Mt. View Church in Gresham May 9th-11th and 16th-18th.

  Chittock, who played the leading role of Joseph, called it a “show of many colors” and indeed it was. The show had a variety of characters and each person contributed something different to create an overall outstanding musical performance.  Those who attended had nothing but positive things to say about what they had seen.

  “I thought the musical was a fantastic display of colorful performances and the very best which Gresham has to offer. I felt it rigged on the heartstrings of those who watched, and effectively invested you in the characters,” senior Tyler Budge said after seeing the musical.

  While the entirety of the play was very entertaining certain parts stood out more to the audience. Senior Connor Henkle said, “My favorite part was when the pharaoh came out and yelled, ‘Pharaoh is in the building!’”.

  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was a show for the ages and gave the audience a night for of joy and laughter. Senior Ian McMurray felt that from his viewpoint in the audience, the play was “well executed” and that the “performers did a great job of embodying the diverse range of roles.”  

  GHS drama has big things in store for them in the next few months, especially with a move into the brand new auditorium. If they keep giving their all and continue to do the fantastic things they’ve been doing, the transition into next year will be smooth sailing.