Staff Send Off: Samantha Acosta

Samantha Acosta, Staff Writer, Page Designer

Well, I guess high school is over but of to more learning in college now, great. It’s crazy how I literally started off in this whole new district, having zero friends and not knowing how I was going to handle these 4 years here. Now I’m coming out with some supportive friends that stuck with me till this day, grateful for them and also to my parents. For always checking in on me and always pushing me even if I didn’t like hearing the same thing but I know it’s all for good in the end. And for those who I don’t like, hope I don’t have to see you anymore in the future.

These 4 years went by so fast that I don’t even remember what really happened during those years. The only thing that was always on my mind these past 4 years was “when is lunch” or “when does this period end?”. But one thing I enjoyed was newspaper club. Somewhere where I could talk about anything and not be judged by. Open my eyes on somethings and changed my perspective on things. Even meeting my newspaper teacher the first year I joined newspaper, it has been a joy having Mrs. Carlisle as my teacher. Also shoutout to my math teacher, Mr. Jacobsen, the first math teacher who cared and motivated me for the 2 years I had him. Thank you both for all of that and passing me in your class.

To the class of 2019, congrats to all and hope well for all 🙂