Staff Send Off: Cole Garber

Cole Garber, Staff Writer, Page Designer

Four years is difficult to summarize in just three hundred words. A lot has happened in my life in that period, so I suppose it would be appropriate to talk about the two biggest aspects of my time here: politics and debate.

Over the past four years, I changed a good deal politically- from liberal to conservative, then to right-leaning libertarian. This transition affected both myself and how others treated me. Even though I felt as though I had found who I was, I felt alone and isolated by everyone else around me. That isolating feeling gradually lessened, but it’s always been there for me.

Debate did a lot for my life. It was the one passion that I had, nothing else compared or gave me any sense of purpose. The community in the team helped immensely with my feelings of isolation and my bouts of depression. In many ways, I bettered myself because of debate, and I hope that it will continue to help others just as it did for me.

I’d like to thank my friends, girlfriend, family, debate team, Marissa Bertucci, and the good lord Jesus Christ for helping me get through everything and making me a better person. In all seriousness though, I am grateful for what everyone has done for me. Thanks guys.