Varsity Football


Juliette Ramirez

Homecoming football game at home

Leland Spencer, Staff Writer

The 2019 High School football season has had a rough start here at Gresham High School. Many athletes have not returned due to injuries. The current record is 0-6. There is always room for improvements that they should focus on. 

  “We are always trying to find ways to build team chemistry and improve in that area,” said head coach Mike Melton.  “Every year the roster is different with different strengths and weaknesses, I’m appreciative of every kid that is playing.̈ 

     The football team has been working together since the spring before the current season. Most athletes work hard during workouts and practices.

   Melton thinks that everyone on the team has the potential to be great and he agrees with the fact that they have multiple ways to improve.

   “Our team needs to work on focusing on our jobs before we start pointing fingers and blaming each other,” junior lineman Gage Cota said. Cota suggests that no one should blame anyone else for their own mistakes and to take ownership on the field. 

   The fans at Gresham are very supportive of their local football team,“I’m very appreciative of our fans and their support. I’m always humbled by their support,” Melton said. 

   Gresham High School has a huge fan base when it comes to football. At every game the stands are packed with supporters cheering on the players, “I think that we have great fans. They come to all of our games and they cheer us on even when we’re struggling,” junior Dominic Brumbelow said.

 “The most memorable football game I went to was with my bestie Kailey. We sat on the bleachers and watched our team lose. It was so cold that night.” sophomore Ayanna Aponte said.

   “The first home game was memorable because they said my name for the starting lineup.” lineman Brodie Bishop said.

   This high school team knows that they have flaws and are doing multiple drills and practices to fix their mistakes. We cannot wait to see them back next year.

   Have a great season Gresham, go Gophers!