Winter fashion


Soleil Williams, Staff Writer

   As the cold weather approaches, many are wondering what they can wear this winter to stay warm and fashionable. Never fear, your winter fashion advice is here.  

   Puffer jackets and sherpa pullovers are becoming very popular among teens this season.  These are easy to pair with some cute jeans and shoes of your choice. 

   Many teens are on a budget when it comes to shopping, so wearing basic clothes, that are still stylish is a goal.   Start with a pair of jeans and layer a stylish puffer vest on top of a long sleeve top or a thick hoodie. A sherpa cardigan with a long sleeve shirt and jeans and low ankle boots or slip on vans is also stylish this season. Layering flannels or sweaters with puffer vests are also a popular choice.

   Knowing how to layer properly is important during the cool winter months.  The problem with wearing layers and such as big winter jackets to school is the classrooms can sometimes get a little too warm, then when you want to take your layers off there are no lockers to stuff it in.

   So, how does one wear layers, and how many is too many?  The first layer should be close to the skin, like a tight-fitting long sleeve that can regulate body temperature and keeps you warm. The second layer should be a thin mid-layer, like a light jacket or pullover. This keeps the cold air from passing through to the body. The final layer should be a heavy zippered jacket. 

    Where can students shop to find these stylish trends? Junior Brisa Lucero shops at Forever21, Hollister, Express and American Eagle. American Eagle has a cute selection of jeans in all the trendy styles, however, they can get pricey, if looking for some cute affordable jeans, Hollister has jeans with prices as low as $25-29.

    If the price tag doesn’t faze you, Express has oversized sherpa sweatshirts and stylish knit cardigans with prices anywhere from $60-80. 

   Scarves are an easy way to make a basic outfit look more put together.  Forever21 has cute plaid, knit, and frayed scarves in a variety of colors. They also have cozy fake fur and knit mittens.

   Old navy has the popular puffer vests in 7 different colors for only $20, They also have cute, cozy socks for only $3. 


   Maurice’s has everything from plaid flannels to knit pullovers to tall boots that are perfect for the snow. Maurice’s only sells women’s clothing and they offer plus size tops, bottoms, and more. 

   For men, Nordstroms located in Clackamas Town Center has all the popular brands like Champion, The North Face, Nike and Adidas selling everything from hoodies to sweatshirts starting at $45-$75. They also have Polo Ralph Lauren jogger sweatpants for $38, and  Nike and Champion sweatpants for under $50. Rue 21 has jeans in many different styles for only $23 for men.

   Junior Roberto Cruz Ramirez likes to shop at Hollister and American Eagle. “American eagle is where I tend to buy my jeans,” Ramirez said. American eagle has men’s jeans for as cheap at $22. Ramirez likes to wear casual clothing like jeans and a hoodie with a jacket or something to go over it. 

    Senior Jasmine Silva shops at Forever21, PINK, and Rue21, She likes to wear heeled knee-high boots, with mini skirts, and puffer jackets.“Fashion is fascinating and different.” Silva said. 

   Adults often have different fashion styles than students, as they want to remain professional but still express themselves.  Sun-site Manager Laurel Hess shops at ASOS, 0nline vintage stores, and Target. She likes the streetwear style, but still wants to be professional.“Fashion is a gateway to defining yourself artistically.” Hess said. 

   When you meet new people, one of the things they pay attention to is how you dress.

   “I really like fashion, I think it’s pretty important because it’s like a first impression, it’s what people pay attention to,” sophomore MaryJane Rice said.         

   Rice shops at Brandy Melville, PacSun, and also does a lot of online shopping. 

   Brandy Melville has a simple but cute selection of sweaters, tops, and skirts. Some cute pieces are the “Freddie sweater”, which is an oversized knit sweater that would be cute with some jeans and slip-on vans. The “Anne bodysuit”  would be cute with a cardigan and some distressed jeans.

   Rice says she sees a lot of “Sweater weather” type of trends.  Pacsun has a variety of all the trendy sweaters. Some new arrivals are the “LA hearts mixed business sweater”, the “Kendal & Kylie the fuzz mock neck sweater”, and the “Feminine pullover sweater”. 

   Sweaters are easy to style with some cute jeans or fleece leggings.  Add some cute boots and this is an easy go-to outfit for the winter weather.

   Urban Outfitters has a great selection of winter clothes, Popular mom jeans, and fuzzy teddy pullovers. Cute flannels, ugg boots and more.

  Senior Kayla Hoyt shops at Urban Outfitters, and PacSun. “ I wish I could get more into fashion,” Hoyt said. Kayla likes to wear jeans and oversized crewnecks. She sees a lot of people wearing hunter boots and puffer jackets. 

   Fashion is a great way to express yourself and your style. There’s a fashion style for everyone whether it’s vintage, casual, or sophisticated. Fashion allows you to express your individuality, and it also has the ability to make you feel confident.