Varsity Basketball: a new era of players

Leland Spencer, Staff Writer

  Basketball is a game filled with physicality and the good players have to possess a high basketball IQ, which includes knowing the plays by heart and knowing when to shoot and pass the ball. The sport has evolved in this community with new, talented players and dedicated coaching staff.  Players have recently transferred here from other schools, most of them by choice, and are looking to change the game to hopefully take the team to the playoffs. 

   The transfers for the varsity team are juniors Elijah Munyan, Nathyn Caro and Ethan Evans, and freshman Esyah Pippa-White. 

   Junior Nathyn Caro is a transfer from Centennial. He is known for his perimeter and mid-range shooting. He is a good addition to the team because of his skills.

   “I transferred to Gresham because Centennial wasn’t a good fit and plus I live in the Gresham district. I am hoping to impact the team (by) being a leader,” Caro said.

   Erik Lyslo is the head coach of the team. Lyslo’s main goal every season is having an amazing defense, but with these transfer students he has higher expectations with these talented players.

   “The whole transfer situation is very unique right now at Gresham.  [We] have a lot of new students coming into the school and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that you have a brand new school with brand new facilities and kids are intrigued by that. As far as new student-athletes go, I think the biggest transition any transfer student or athlete will need to make is the buy-in to a new culture at the school and a buy-in of expectations in a program,” Lyslo said.

   Lyslo is hoping for the transfers to learn the team culture  quickly. However, the transfers will have to put in a lot of time and effort to learn about their new team. “Transfers typically have a tougher transition when they are moving to a different school, so creating relationships with the right people early on and then buying into the culture of the school and program is very important,” Lyslo said.

   The transfer students are happy to be going to Gresham. Many are looking forward to theThey challenge of having a potential playoff-bound team.    “I transferred because of sports. I am looking to lead the team to the playoffs and I’m gonna prove my talents by averaging twenty points,” junior Elijah Munyan said.

   Munyan transferred from Columbia Christian high school. He is one of the more confident players on the team and dominates with his slam dunks.

   Some of the transfers didn’t come by choice. Their parents made them come here because they moved into this district. However, they are still happy to play basketball and plan on winning games.

   Junior Ethan Evans transferred from Portland Adventist Academy. If he could, he would definitely go back to his old school because it was private and all his friends are there.

   “I transferred to Gresham because my parents forced me to move over schools, it was not because of sports. I will play my best and try to help the team out in any way I can,” Evans said. 

   Freshman Esyah Pippa-Whitewould attended Columbia Christian High School along with Munyan, but he decided to come here. He is a well-developed player for a freshman and the coaches recognize his potential.

   “I transferred to Gresham because I wanted to start my own team and build it up. I’m going to impact the team the best because I’m the point guard, also known as the leader of the team,” Pippa-White said.

 With the many talented transfer students, the basketball team has a legitimate playoff run ahead of them. This season will definitely be fun to watch, and so far the transfers seem happy with the team and are ready to win games.