DIY Gifts Full of Holiday Spirit


Julie Lynn Moss

Marissa Moss shows her holiday spirit by prepping some ribbon for her DIY gift.

Juliette Ramirez-Torres, Staff Writer

Struggling to buy presents because of COVID-19? Well, holiday DIY gifts are a great way to make inexpensive presents for the holiday season with materials you already own. Holiday DIY gifts have been expanding ideas, possibilities, and popularity for a while now. Every year there are more and more DIY gift ideas. These gift ideas can save  money, time, and are often more thoughtful. This year these presents will definitely be helpful to those who are struggling financially and to attempting to stay safe.

“I think there would be more people quarantining and (they) don’t want to be risking themselves getting the virus. So I think that would be the reason why people would do more homemade gifts,” senior Jacario Thompson said. 

This year, people have been adjusting to new health codes and this has not only affected our daily lives but our special occasions like holidays. Although COVID-19 has restricted some things like shopping publicly such as the mall or Saturday markets, you can still show your holiday spirit with homemade gifts.

“I definitely do see different DIY gifts that I’d love to receive, or even give out to others,” junior Aliyah Duran said.  

Videos about holiday DIY gifts have been suggested all over social media. There have been DIY ideas for Among Us, Harry Potter, and more versatile ones like gift baskets. There’s something special about receiving a homemade present from a loved one. 

“I think it’s the thought that counts, homemade gifts require effort and I love that,” sophomore Kassidy Payne said.

Receiving a homemade present really allows you to appreciate the time taken to make it and personalize it for you. Of course, making homemade presents is just as fun as receiving them.

“I have attempted making a homemade gift when I was young. Making people smile is always one of my favorite things to do and I love doing it,” Thompson said.

Dropping off a homemade gift is one way to go, but there are other no contact options, which people should be doing this year to keep themselves safe and their loved ones as well.  

“They might buy something online and just have it shipped to the person to avoid contact, I think there will be more online shopping,” Payne said. 

Logically it would make sense for shipping to increase even more this year with the holidays arriving.

“IBM is projecting sales at non-store retailers to continue to accelerate, growing by 35% in November to December (vs. an increase of 24% during March to July),” according to USA Today. 

Whether you’re shipping your DIY present or ordering online and having it delivered to the recipient, you should keep in mind the possible delays due to the increasing shipping usage. No matter how you’re making and giving presents, it is most important to be safe. During hard times like this, some things become clear like to enjoy time with your family while you can, health is most important, and make the best out of the worst. 

“I think globally we’ve come to the realization to not take things for granted and maybe spend time with some of our loved ones or make a gift,” Duran said. 

People often use the excuses of no time or no creativity to make homemade gifts, so here are some easy, inexpensive, and fast gift ideas with links attached to the instructions.


  1. DIY Milk and Honey Soap- Takes only 10 minutes and can be customized with different molds or colors. Goat milk and honey are beneficial for the skin. 


  1. DIY Map Magnets- The clear pebbles make a magnifying glass effect when paired with a map. You could also customize the magnet with any type of paper underneath. 


  1. Chapstick Key Chain Holder- Customizable with many different fabrics to personalize for the receiver. Good for beginner sewers and makes a very convenient present. 


  1. DIY Cord Organizer- Versatile present for any wires or cables. Good for those who are more crafty or those who want more of a challenge. 


  1. DIY Watercolor Mug (Marble Dipped Nail Polish Mugs)- Fun project done with at-home supplies. Customize the color with different nail polish and different techniques for the patterns. 


If none of these options interested you, Pinterest is a good place to go and find ideas.