Staff Send Off: Simon Scannell

Simon Scannell, Editor-in-Chief

   The end of the year is finally here and even though I’m still online full-time, I can tell that we’re all ready to head off and do our own things. Some of us are going into working full time, others going into the trades, community college, or university. I feel that the class of 2021 really got to experience a lot of change at Gresham High School- demolition of the old building started in March of our freshman year, and we only had the chance to go into the full new building in April of our senior year. Talk about getting the short end of the stick, huh?

   Newspaper has been one of the things that has kept me consistently interested in what’s going on throughout my high school career. I’ve written over a dozen articles over three years. It’s allowed me to grow my management skills, as well as my editing and people skills. 

   I want to say thank you to the many amazing teachers I’ve had, who’ve made learning easier and more fun. 

   Good luck to the class of 2021!