Our moment in fashion’s evolution

Juliette Ramirez-Torres, Editor-In-Chief

   Over the years, fashion has evolved while still keeping the past alive. In today’s fashion, we see many new trends, as well as previous trends making comebacks. Fashion has always been a way for people to express who they are. Gresham High School is a perfect example of where to see different styles and trends. 

   “I think in middle school and high school is when most people start to find their own styles and want to express that more (even if it does change quite frequently) so often times we see people coming in with their friends to try on clothes for half the day just to find their styles,” junior and former Plato’s Closet employee Lauren Juilfs said.

   Students are deciding what they want their style to be and exploring fashion in their teen years. There are many places to buy clothes, but establishments like thrift stores are more student friendly as it is cheaper and offers a variety of clothes not limited to today’s trends. 

   “I’ve noticed thrifting and consignment coming back into style. It’s one of the best ways to stay within a decent budget, while still being sustainable and not giving money to bigger companies,” Juilfs said. 

   Shopping at secondhand stores is not only good for the environment but to save money as well. This has become quite apparent in society as consumerism has become a bigger problem  turning thrifting into one of the most popular ways to purchase clothes. 

   “We don’t necessarily look at the brand of things but how they look. So you could go to thrift stores or small businesses and get good looking clothes for a cheap price rather than go to a high end store to get something that’s branded,” said senior Andrew Tran. 

   Although having branded clothes is still shown today, it is not judged if clothes are from a well known brand. One aspect of shopping in thrift stores is being able to buy clothes from years ago causing past trends to be easily brought back and re-lived.

   “Up and coming fashion we’re saying bell bottoms are coming back in style and so that was definitely popular back then. Also, the loose fitting jeans, that was something that I remember wearing in high school,” history teacher Amanda Williams said. 

   Fashion connects the present and the past while leaving inspiration for the future. It is up to society to determine what they think looks good and should make a comeback. 

   “Each new generation has a new perspective on how to dress and what looks good to them and what doesn’t,” Tran said. 

   Fashion revolves around what is being valued and appreciated at the time. For example, being one’s true self and body positivity are both preached nowadays. 

   “Today’s fashion is more about flattering your body versus in the past where you would follow a trend whether it looked good on you or not, and I think there’s just more room for every type of body to be able to look good,” Williams said. 

   Society recognizes not everyone looks the same and has developed fashion around that. Recently, there has been an increase in diversity when it comes to what people wear. 

   “Current trends are tough because they change like every week,” Juilfs said. But at this very moment I think they are definitely based off of past trends, flare pants and mom jeans are very popular for females right now. For men it typically doesn’t change, sweatshirts and jeans. Although we have seen a lot more of the sweater vests and chains. I don’t think the “trends” can really be judged as a whole accurately because it’s really all in a person’s own style.”