The Return of Ask Argus: Our Advice Column

Juliette Ramirez-Torres, Editor-In-Chief

Q: How do you move on from someone after a break-up?

A: We suggest you first take time to evaluate why you and your partner broke up. Was it for good reasons? After taking time to think, you can then decide how you would want to move on. Set boundaries with your ex, let them know you need space and time for yourself. Use your free time to tend to your hobbies or find new ones! Now is the time to better yourself and recover. Spend time with friends, focus on the positives, and learn to rely on yourself for your own happiness. It’s okay to do things on your own, go on a walk, grab a cup of coffee or have a movie marathon. 


Q: So I have some really fake and toxic friends and I don’t want to be friends with them anymore but I won’t have anyone to eat lunch with anymore if I drop them. They are the only people I know but I don’t want to be friends anymore. Please help 🙁

A: First of all, if your friends are not real friends then there’s no point in pretending. Since you’re worried about eating alone, maybe slowly disconnect from them until you figure out what’s next. We suggest joining a club or sport to meet new people and create real friendships. These activities don’t have to be connected to the school either, there are plenty of options outside of school. Pick something you really enjoy or think you might enjoy, that way you’re able to have a shared passion with your new friends. Also, don’t be afraid to eat lunch by yourself, even if it’s only temporary, there are plenty of things you can do during lunch, catch up on homework, play clash royale or watch a youtube video. Before you know it, lunch is over already. Lunchtime is your relaxation time, so utilize it. Eating alone is much better than eating with fake friends.