Snoball Recap: What Goes into it?

Snoball main entrance.

Snoball main entrance.

Jade Martinez

Jade Martinez

Snoball main entrance.

Kendyl Beam, Staff Writer

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  Students danced all night under the Northern Lights at this year’s Snoball, held on

December 9, 2017.

  Snoball is a semi-formal dance held every year. The annual dance gives students a chance to dance the night away, and to celebrate their accomplishments so far this school year before winter break.

  Because Snoball is such a big event, there is a lot of planning that goes into making it all happen. Preparation for the dance starts right after homecoming and continues until the night of the dance. Some of the preparations for the dance include contacting catering, DJs, arranging for professional photos, and a photo booth. Decorating for the dance is also an important detail in planning, because you  have to work with companies to help make sure it looks good.The people behind the scenes of Snoball have a lot to do to make sure that Snoball is a night to remember for the students.

  “The hardest part of planning was making sure nothing was last minute. We set deadlines and timelines for ourselves and really had to stick with them to stay on top of everything,” dance committee co-chairperson and senior Naomi Piper said.

  With so much work going into planning Snoball, it is important to make students want to come. Attendance is a big part of the the planning process, you want as many people to come as possible so they will want to come in later years. Behind the scenes, there is a team of students in the publicity committee in student council that work hard to make posters for the dance and to publicize on social media.

  Last year, attendance was very low due to how many times the dance had to be rescheduled because of the snow. This year however, there were no delays due to snow, and the dance went on as planned, with approximately 400 tickets were sold.

 “Attendance was good; personally I was hoping on selling more tickets because at our previous  dances we sold a lot, be we still had a good turn out,” Piper said.

  Making sure students and guests have fun at the dance is one of the most important factors in planning Snoball. Interactive activities such as casino games, a photo booth, and treats like ice cream sandwiches really help students become more interested in the dance itself.

  “I would definitely go to Snoball again, it was a lot of fun dancing with all my friends,” junior Charles Ndayizeye said.

  Looking to next year, students on the dance committee plan to see Snoball improve for next year and look forward to new ideas from students.

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Snoball Recap: What Goes into it?