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Junior Recieves Honorable Mention for Essay

On new year’s eve, junior Hailey Dowden got news that she got honorable mention for the 2015 Portland chapter UNA USA high school essay competition on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Honorable mention is place 2, which there were a few people who got second place they didn’t rank them after 1st they just grouped them. She can share her accomplishment with scholarship boards for a chance to get scholarships, and she got a $20  reward. The first place winner received $100 and a certificate, as well as college application dressing.

“She deserves to feel proud for her accomplishments,”  IB English teacher Elizabeth Hakala said.

Dowden did not expect to get honorable mention, she just entered to get extra credit in Hakala’s class.

“If a teacher offers opportunities, take it.” Dowden said.

Dowden picked article seven from the universal declaration of human rights. Article seven states that “all are equal and are entitled without and discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

Dowden believes this article connects with America’s current problem with police brutality, it is centered around this highly controversial topic and she touches on the trust and power we put in police. She wrote about how it resonated with the communities she lives in. Many of the articles did not apply to her since she lives in a first world country and many were third world country centered. Dowden’s essay was 2 ½ pages long.

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