Student puts on Diversity Summit to be held in April


Senior Rachael Grigsby has been putting together a SUN-sponsored diversity summit, which is to be in April.

  “(The summit) will be a four-day event, and it’ll cover diversity within sexuality, race, body size, stuff like that,” Grigsby said.

  Grigsby has had the plan for a month, and planned it with the students and advisor in the Social Justice Club.

  “We’ve been using the Social Justice Club Thursday lunch meetings as planning and work time,” social justice club advisor Mark Adamski said.

  The goal of the summit is to educate students on the diversity found within the school, whether it be on sexuality, race, gender, or any other differentiating quality.

  “I’ve been involved with the (Social Justice Club) since it started last year, and all of the events we put on are all-inclusive, everyone participates,” Senior Brooke Grover said. “We broke into small groups for the summit, I’m in charge of the social media part, and I communicate with other clubs we want to work with.”

  The summit has no solid details yet, only that it will be in April. Grigsby and SUN site manager Linda Kue will meet next week and plan things out.

  Grigsby also mentioned that this summit is going to confront some of the bullying this school has seen.

  “A group of us were really upset with what we hear in the halls, all the hate speech and stuff, I hope this summit will educate students on why saying certain things isn’t okay,” Grigsby said.

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