How to help the Seaside school district

The unity assembly on Jan. 7 was led by three presenters from Seaside High School, Jesse Trott, Taylor Barnes, and Whitney Westerholm, who came here in order to raise awareness about the dangers and the effects that an earthquake, potentially the Cascadia earthquake, will have on the Seaside school district.


Presenter Taylor Barnes speaks about the risks that the Seaside school district faces.

As of now, schools in the Seaside school district sit at an elevation too low to be safe in the case of a tsunami. Evacuation routes take too long, and several of them have bridges, which may no longer be standing in the case of a high magnitude earthquake.

In order to raise awareness about the dangers of a possible earthquake and tsunami, the Seaside High School students decided to work with Gresham High School by giving a presentation at the unity assembly. Gresham also used unity week to spread awareness about Seaside’s situation. Their main goal is to move their schools to a higher elevation that will make it safer to evacuate, and that will also provide a space for their community to reside in the case of a disaster.

If interested in helping Seaside High School, here are some options:

How to help:

  • Continue to spread awareness and tell Seaside’s story
  • Donate to Seaside by following these steps:
  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Mealtime Online
  3. Add student (Select Seaside School District, First Name: ASB, Student ID: 123)
  4. Enter the amount you would like to donate

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