Rivalry Girls Basketball Game in Favor of Barlow

ghs vs Barlow 050

Mercedes Rupert, a junior Rhythmettes dancer, hugging Gracie, celebrating the dance they just performed.

ghs vs Barlow 072

Cheerleaders doing a cheer, sophomore Delaney is in focus.

ghs vs Barlow 122

Senior Maddy Lindhorst giving Dosjanee McCloyn, junior, in celebration.

ghs vs Barlow 155

Junior, Kacy Childress, Gresham player defends Freshman, Hannah Risper, Barlow player arms spread wide. Risper searches for a pass.

ghs vs Barlow 135

Junior Maddy Lindhorst defends Renek Meyer, freshman who is preparing for a shot.

ghs vs Barlow 166

Coach Todd Nagel is giving the basketball players a talk while assistant coach Ty Gonrowski stands behind Alan Simpson, coaching players from the sideline.

ghs vs Barlow 230

Therese Nahimana arms are splayed after she passed the ball, Hannah Risper from Sam Barlow is defending her.

ghs vs Barlow 196

Assistant coaches, Gonrowski and Alan Simpson follow the ball with their gaze. Gronkowski gives advice to players on the court.

ghs vs Barlow 274

Chloe Melton, senior, right and Tim Smart, senior, left, participate in the game as super fans.

ghs vs Barlow 293 (1)

Annaka Bufton, senior, is getting a hug from Amber Peschka, former student at Gresham.

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