Student showcase talent in annual Gresham talent show


Every year students are able to show off their talents in the annual Gresham High talent show. This year the talent show will take place on February 3rd in the auditorium at 7:00. Auditions were January 20 after school and January 21 during lunch. Many participated, it was a room full of different talents.

Senior President Emma Triplett has been the one in charge of running the talent show as well as other student council members.

“There’s a lot of coordinating with other people involved,” Triplett said. “ We have to get judges, write a script, rehearse, and other things to prepare for the show.”

Some participants for this year’s talent show are Alex Dills singing, Senior Rachael Grigsby and Therese Matthews will dancing, and Senior Bree Pond, Junior Jacob Tavera, Brooke Smith and Maya Walbridge will also be dancing.

“With auditions, we check to make sure each act is an overall talent and it’s way to ensure that every act will bring something competitive,” Triplett said.

The talent show might be competitive but students are signing up to just have a good time on stage.

“I just want to have some good and fun memories, but it is also for the experience,” Walbridge said.

Getting up on stage in front of your peers can be a nerve racking experience for some participants.  

“ I’m not really nervous because I’ve danced on stages almost my whole life, but those were strangers maybe it’s a bit scarier because it’s people I know,” Walbridge said.

With some participants ready to hit the stage there was not many other students  at this year’s talent show auditions.

“ This year we have not seen as much interest but we plan to bring on more students in the following weeks,” Triplett said. “ We know there’s a lot of talent at our school.”

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