Cell Phone Policy irks some at GHS


The phone policy has been an issue between teachers, students, and parents.

The phone policy for Gresham High School is divided into three sections. Each offense has a different consequence.

“I think the phone policy is fair,” science teacher, Julie Trisel said.

First offense is split up into two sections. First thing that happens is the student will get a warning. The warning states that the student has to turn off the phone and put it away.

“Keeps kids notified to not have their phone out,” principal John Koch said.

The second offense is a stricter consequence. Students will get their device confiscated, which the student will not be able to get until the end of the day. Additionally a disciplinary referral may be written and sent to the office.

“Personally, I like it because teachers need to control a classroom,” said Koch.

The third offense is the student’s phone gets sent to the office and the student gets a phone call home. Parents have to come pick it up, and have a conference with the administration. Students will get a referral written up and turned in to the administration.

The issue for the students and teachers and parents is, the teachers don’t like arguing with the student about them handing the phone in. The parents don’t like coming in and dealing with this whole situation. The student doesn’t really care about the whole situation, since they are the ones who got their phone taken away.

According to Ronald Reitzell, a freshman, “It’s very confusing to students when each teacher has their own phone policy”.

In my opinion the phone policy should be fair for all students. Each teacher has their own phone rule.

Students would have a better understanding of the phone policy if each teacher use the same rule as the school. Students would would still be able to use it during lunch and between passing time, just not in class unless told otherwise.

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