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Principal Transition at GHS


Gresham-Barlow School District selects new principal Michael Schaefer to replace John Koch

The GHS community has finally chosen a replacement for John Koch. Michael Schaefer former Vice Principal for 4 years at Sam Barlow High School will be filling in Koch’s place.

After a long time of interviews and consideration Schaefer has caught the attention of GHS. He speaks fluent French which will benefit for students and staff in translating, he has past experience as well as being in district. Schaefer was more than just qualified and he will surely help making Gresham High School unique.

“I hadn’t really had much interaction with him, but the times I did see him at sporting events he seems like he’s very nice, very personable and a well rounded person. I think he will be a great principal.” Said Senior, Chloe Melton.

John Koch has been Gresham High School’s principal for 6 years and now will be the next Executive Director of Student Support Services of the Gresham Barlow School District.

“Koch is a friendly principal and he always talked to everyone,” said freshmen Brian Hernandez

Koch is much different from the average principal. Koch has a different way of interacting with students welcoming everyone in the morning’s.

“He is the heart of Gresham High School,” Freshmen Kimberly Barrientos said

Many students will dearly miss the loud “good mornings” in a not so well morning.

“I’ll miss The way Koch sings his Happy birthday song,” senior Therese Nahimana said.

The Gresham High School Community will miss the random moments that he is in the hall greeting everyone, or the random visits when he comes to a classroom and lightens up the mood

Students will miss all the fantastic and unforgettable moments Koch shared here.

“Well he’s loud, he interacts with the students a lot and when you talk to him one on one, he’s a really caring person” said, Sophomore Jorge Orozco

Koch was the best principal he could be, he was a big part of Gresham High School. Although there may not be new memories made, students will never forget the moments that were. Maybe the physical spirit of Koch will not be present but the one he gave to students will always be. Gresham High School will all sincerely miss Koch. “I’ll miss his humor” Said Senior Sal Robles. Koch was always one with jokes that as well will not be forgotten.

“Mr.Koch was a good principal because he would motivate us to do better & did it in a fun positive way, He was funny and it will be hard for the next principal to fill his spot and he set a lot of high expectations but I welcome them as I say good bye to Mr.Koch and thank him for all he’s done for Gresham High School” freshman Melah Sengsavanh said.


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