GHS Talent Show Continues After Delay

This year the talent show got postponed. This is the first year that this has happened. The talent show was supposed to take place on Feb. 3 but got postponed to Feb. 17.

  “I believe that any opportunities given to students to showcase their talents is potentially positive. I see the talent show as one of those opportunities,” principal John Koch said.

  A few of the participants in this year’s talent show were junior Brooke Smith and junior Maya Walbridge, who did a dance performance.

  Postponing the talent show may have upset the participants because they were all ready to go, but had to wait an extra two weeks. Some of the participants wanted to participate just for a fun experience. Overall, the talent show was a success.

  “The talent show was a success, it was really fun,” freshman Seraleena Vang said.

  Everybody that participated had a good time. Most of the participants were competitive. As mentioned before, some people just wanted to have a good time.

  There was not much interest during the talent show auditions. The talent show auditions were on Jan. 20 after school and Jan. 21 during lunch. There is a lot of talent at Gresham High School, so this year’s talent show should be fun and exciting to watch. Vang does not think postponing the talent show affected anyone. Vang can see why some students are upset about this situation because the performers were all ready to do their act.

  “I mean, I suppose when you get all ready for a talent show and then you were expecting to perform and then you have to wait, it kind of takes the wind out of your sails,” English teacher Frank Thomas said.

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