All Summer ’16


      Nine long months have passed since school was started for Gresham High School. The school year has brought many new adjustments and tons of new memories for students that walk the halls everyday. With just a few days left in session, students have aimed their sights at what summer will bring for them. Teachers have also done the same. But what do young adults and teachers really want during their three months of freedom?

      For many, this summer will not be a true vacation. The athletic department has many trainings and sessions happening throughout the course of the summer, including soccer practices and fall camp for football at the end of August. High School students also have various responsibilities that include summer jobs to help fund other aspects of their life. “I believe that this summer is critical for students at the school,” said sophomore Dallas Pedersen. “The time off will give us returning students time to focus back up on our next year and make some memories while doing so.”

   The summer season also brings dangers to teens of all ages. With rivers opening up and lifeguards nowhere to be found, drownings have become a common theme along Oregon’s rivers. Drownings have become the second leading cause of injury-related deaths for kids one to fifteen years of age.

      As underclassmen return for another year, the beginning of June also marks the end of many Seniors’ high school careers. Some will enter the workforce while others prepare for the next step in their education. “Personally, I feel like I won’t have to worry about the stress of meeting new people and paying off student loans after college.” said senior Nick Moi.

There are different opinions about education after High School though. “I feel that a college education is almost a requirement in the world that we live in today,” said senior Jaelen Bradley. “Employers have high expectations that also include a college education, plus I think going off to college is a right of passage into adulthood.”

      However, summer will provide more good than bad. As the sun sets late into the night, a new one will rise bringing new opportunities for young adults. There will be 82 warm days to make the most out of. School resumes on September 6th for freshman and September 7th for grades 10 through 12.

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