Seniors toss away their high school worries in annual ‘Paper Toss’

Tossing the past four years of their high school lives up in the air, the class of 2016 symbolized the end of their high school experience.

On June 8, seniors ended their last day before graduation by engaging in the annual “Paper Toss”. Full of relief and joy, the seniors threw their homework in the air before signing yearbooks and snapping photos with one another.

Senior Chandini Bassett said that tossing the paper into the air was like tossing all of her worries and stress away with it.


Seniors toss their papers on their last day of high school

“It made me realize how ready I am for college and how much I’ve learned from high school,” Bassett said. “I realized I’m ready to apply the skills I’ve learned to the real world.”

Senior Cassidy Morse said she grabbed a stack of random papers to release from social studies teacher Mark Adamski’s room, including only a small stack of her own.

“I was letting go of not only mine, but many other people’s hard work to be freed,” Morse said. “It made me feel like the paper toss was my excitement to going on to ‘the next level’, like graduation or college for many people.”

The paper toss ended with seniors pouring written goodbye’s as memory tokens into yearbooks and photo collections of friends standing in the gopher gym one last time.

Senior graduation will be held at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on June 14 starting at 5:00 p.m.

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