Gresham High School falling apart.


Tiles on the ceiling of the school have long decayed through leaks and create an overhead danger to students and staff alike walking unsuspectingly underneath.

Tiles on the ceiling of the school have long decayed through leaks and create an overhead danger to students and staff alike walking unsuspectingly underneath.

In Gresham High School, there are things that make the school good and bad. From chipped walls and flooding to a beautiful, brand new football field. The school has gone through many storms and according to other students opinions, it needs a lot of repair.

Some also think that instead of spending so much a new field, Administration should have. The worst thing is that the school is possibly infested with vermin. The school is filled with rats, mice, cockroaches, etc. What the school needs most is a makeover.

The school is very outdated and needs to be repaired badly. It would definitely not withstand a huge storm.

“This school is so old,” junior Shemar Lenox said. “If we had a big enough storm, the whole school would probably blow away before we could all get out.”

Another risk factor for the school are tiles falling from the ceiling. That could cause many injuries such as concussions and broken skulls. “If I get hit in the head hard enough, I’d probably faint,” Junior Daniel Diamond said.

A Third problem with the school building is that it possibly infested with vermin.  If the school is infested, there could be massive risk factors like rodent feces.

“Just the thought of having rats in the same place as me freaks me out,” Lenox said. “We should at least have pest control here.”

Students also run the risk of getting viruses from these vermin.

The good side about going to the school building is the cafeteria, the Gyms, the space, and the brand new field.There is a lot of space for students to roam around inside and outside of the school building. There’s no feeling claustrophobic at the school

The first good thing about the school is the cafeteria. “There’s a lot of space in there,” Diamond said. “I can sit by myself or a group of people.”

“The school food is almost above average. Some people might think that all school lunches are gross but its  food is the best school food ever tasted,” Diamond said.

The second good thing about the building is its newer Auxiliary  Gym. It has a good floor, and is fit for physical sports such as volleyball or basketball. Some say it’s better than the main gym.

“I like basketball court with a good floor and a sturdy hoop that won’t fall off if I try to dunk on it,” Diamond said. “I think that it should be the new main gym.”

The third good thing about the building is the space. Students have more than enough space to roam around the school. Some say it seems like just a long hallway.

“I like how the school’s not small,” sophomore Lindsea Morgan said. “Sometimes during lunch I like to walk around the school with my friends.

Lastly the thing that most outside athletes love is the new field. It accommodates sports such as football, track, and soccer. It has attracted way more people to watch games. It also add more color like the red track.

The school has been around for a long time. And that’s what brings its uniqueness. Through all the chipped walls and falling tiles. It still stands.

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