Gresham goes down 0-2, comes back to win He-Man Volleyball game against Barlow

Superfans stormed on to the gym floor at Barlow to celebrate Gresham’s win in the He-Man volleyball games played on Nov. 9. He-Man is a charity event to collect money and canned food for SnowCap; specifically for their plans to feed the needy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

This event was successful, as many students from both schools attended to cheer their teams onto victory. At the end of game five, Gresham students rushed the floor as a result of their comeback win against Barlow. The winner of the He-Man games is the first team to win three games. Barlow won the first 2 games with scores of 25-19 and 25-21. Then Gresham’s team took out the broom and swept Barlow three games in a row 25-23, 25-19, 15-8 to win the series.

“He-Man itself is great but having it for a charity event makes it even better,” said junior Luke Melton.

Melton added that this was his first He-Man volleyball game. He said he was a little nervous at first but then he felt decent about playing as his mom played volleyball in high school and played with him when he was growing up.

“I felt pretty good,” junior Elway Simpson said, “I got people cheering for me. That doesn‘t usually happen.”

It was also Simpson’s first time playing He-Man volleyball. Simpson further said he felt confident that he would qualify as a player for the team.

“I felt I contributed by scoring some points on the board,” senior Bryant Moore said. He felt good but also was nervous about making the team since it was his first time participating in the games.

As far as participating in a charity event, “I’m down. Put me on the team,” Moore added.

The He-Man games are fun and charitable and organizations benefit from the proceeds. Everyone attending has a great time because the games are fast-paced and entertaining. The players enjoyed the games, too. Gresham should continue to support He-Man volleyball with Barlow for charitable causes. Gresham will host the next He-Man volleyball game in the spring, a date has not been set yet.

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