Skater skirts become booming trend as weather gets warmer

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As the weather continually gets warmer and people start dressing in bright, vivid clothing, a simple yet sophisticated clothing article is particularly favored among girls here. The skater skirt, also known as a circle skirt, has caught the eyes of fashionistas around campus.

A popular article during the early-mid 1900’s, this trend has been brought back for its comfortable features and basic pattern.

“They’re really popular because they have a type of timeless look so they never really go out of style,” sophomore Leslie Altamirano said.

The name comes from the type of skirt that most female figure skaters wear. Simple yet complex in every way possible, the skater skirt is easy to wear and gives the wearer an uptown fashionable look.

“I like them because they are cute, flowy, not too short and not too long,” junior Nancy Yang said. “They go well with a lot of things too.”

The skirt is a single piece of fabric cut into the shape of a circle with a smaller circle inside it, so that the person can wear it. According to Yang, this clean and classic look goes well with a large number of fashion articles, making it an effortless procedure to change into in the morning.

“The skirt is super easy to put on, it takes like five seconds just to slip it on and choosing something to match with it is also really easy depending on the color and print your skirt has,” Altamirano said.

However, because some skater skirts are pricey, there is a limit to how much a person could actually buy within their budget.

“[On average] I pay around 10 to 20 dollars,” freshman Ceanna Pang said.

Despite the slightly high price for these popular skirts, they are still on high demand because of the positive trend around campus.

“[The skirts] will continue being popular because the weather is getting warmer, and [the skater skirt] is getting publicized more on the media,” Pang said.

The style will not stop here, though. As long as the weather  gets warmer and nicer, a number of people can be seen wearing the simple yet sophisticated skirt.

DIY: Make a skater skirt!



  • fabric scissors/regular scissors
  • measuring tape
  • at least a square yard of fabric (any length)
  • fabric chalk/washable marker
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • paper and writing utensil
  • 8-12cm zipper (optional, for non stretchy fabric)
  • iron (optional)



  1. Cut the inner outermost circles out. Unfold it and there should be a circle within another circle.
  2. From that ¼ circle curve, measure out the preferred skirt length using the same dress method as the inner circle, add an extra 2cm curve below the ideal skirt length for seam allowance.
  3. Connect those marks with the chalk or marker and create a ¼ circle.
  4. Every 2-3 cm from those two marks make a mark connecting the two marks together.IMAG1296
  5. From the center corner of the fabric (the corner with no fraying fabric) take the measuring tape and measure out the radius to both outsides of the corner (mark it with the chalk or marker.)
  6. Get the preferred fabric and fold it into a square (fold twice) and make sure the length of the square is two centimeters longer than the ideal skirt length.
  7. Find the radius by dividing the waist measurement by 2or 6.28 and subtract 1 cm from that for seam allowance. That will be the skirt’s inner circle’s radius. (ex: 66cm6.28 10.5-19.5cm)
  8. Start by measuring the waist of the skirt wearer (centimeter circumference) and the desired skirt length (write it down on the paper so you will not forget it later on).IMAG1297
  9. Take a piece of rectangular fabric, determine how wide the waistband should be and multiply that by two. Add 2 cm to the waistband for seam allowance.
  10. Measure the length of the waist to the length of the waistband, add 2 cm to the  waistband length and cut.
  11. Use chalk (or iron to flatten out) to mark 1cm into the width and length of the waistband.
  12. Fold the waistband in half, iron it, and pin the waistband to the skirt part on the 1cm length mark with the right side/outside side facing each other.
  13. Sew them together. DO NOT SEW the 1cm extra widths together if adding in the zipper. (flip to the front and iron for a neater look)
  14. Hem the bottom by folding the fabric inside twice and sewing about ¾  cm from the end.
  15. For those adding a zipper, measure the length of the zipper subtract 1½ -2 cm from it and using that measurement, measure the distance from the top of the waistband to the end of the zipper length.
  16. Cut a straight line from the skirt to that mark.
  17. To attach the zipper, face the zipper outwards,  fold the cut fabric inside and pin it to the zipper that lays inside the skirt.
  18. Sew on the folded line around the zipper and make sure you can unzip it and zip it again. The skirt is finished.  IMAG1318



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Skater skirts become booming trend as weather gets warmer