DIY, Traditional food, gifts and crafts, create joyful holidays

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This is a companion piece to an article that appeared in the Dec. 18 print edition of the Argus. For more ideas and other winter break activities, pick up a copy of the newspaper.

The holidays is a time for family bonding, rejoice by creating fun crafts, traditional foods, or presents, here is a more indepth article on how to create some of these traditional crafts, dishes and gifts ideas teachers and students have done.



Drawing teacher Hoan Tran’s Name Walnut:

To make the name walnut you will need:

  • ribbon
  • walnut
  • glitterglue
  • puff paint
  • hot glue


  1. First, write the first name on the walnut. To do so, use glitter glue or the puff paint.
  2. Next, cut the ribbon about 14 cm. Fold the string in half to8 cm and glue the string to the walnut on top, where it is more round.
  3. Finally, tie both ends together.

Drawing teacher Hoan Tran also crafted a fortune cookie ornament. To create one, follow the same steps for the walnut, but just replace the walnut with a fortune cookie.


Here are the website links that our staff and students used to create these traditional pastries/foods:

English teacher, Crystal Hanson’s Krumkake: Hanson enjoys making these cone-shaped cookies.

Sophomore Lluvi Delgado’s Dulce Tamales: The tamales can be stuffed with meat or vegetables, sweet or not sweet. Here is the website link Delgado uses to create her Dulce (sweet) tamales.

Social Studies teacher Mark Adamski’s Vegan tart: Adamski is a vegan, so for the holiday feast he makes this vegan tart that is filled with chickpeas and other vegetables.

Sophomore Jena Patel’s Gulab Jamun: Deep fried dough, covered with syrup.


Sophomore Zack Pitt’s Homemade Card: This is really cheap to make, does not take up a lot of time and is unique, because when you are creating it you engrave the message with your own thoughts and feelings.

Materials needed:

  • construction paper
  • pen
  • color pencils
  • markers
  • scissors (optional)
  1. First, choose the type of paper you would like. It could be plain or colorful.
  2. Then, fold it in half “hotdog” style, horizontally. One could leave it as is or could cut it out in a unique shape or form, such as a heart, snowflake or simply cutting the edges and sides.
  3. Once there is a base, you can write you message inside the card.
  4. An alternate would be just drawing a picture, like a visual story.
  5. Finally, customize it with color markers, paint puff paint ecct.


Tran’s gift basket: This is usually made for her donations, she puts in food, socks, small toys and other things.

Materials needed:

  • basket
  • ribbon
  • candy
  • colored tissue paper
  • small toys
  • plastic bag
  1. First, find a container or basket to put all the materials in. It can be big or small, wide or big.
  2. Put in the big gifts in the middle and surround it with all of the small gifts.
  3. Around the gifts insert the colored tissue paper of any color in a triangular form outward, so the the pointy part in faced down inside basket.
  4. Now, wrap that all in a plastic bag and finish it off with a big ribbon to hold it all together.


Sculpture teacher Andrea Paris’ unique plate: Creative and unique gift.

Materials needed:

  • plain plate
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes


  1. First, start with a clean plate.
  2. Then, start creating your masterpiece by creating a picture of anything. You could also engrave a message, such as, “happy holidays” or “congrats.”
  3. Lastly, let it dry out for about a day or two.

There are many crafty, unique ideas to create with your family this holiday.


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DIY, Traditional food, gifts and crafts, create joyful holidays