Emony Robinson full ride scholarship to OSU

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EmonyMany students at Gresham High School have signed with all sorts of schools but very few have received a full ride scholarship. However, Emony Robinson received a full ride football scholarship to Oregon State University.

On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016,  Robinson, a senior at Gresham High School, signed to OSU. One of his coaches, Gabe Shields, took notice of the work Robinson put into improving his game.


“Absolutely, he has really put in the time and effort to develop the skills he has gained today,” Shields said.

Robinson has worked very hard to be where he is today, he has been playing since the 5th grade and is now a senior in high school about to graduate and start his life as an adult. Getting a scholarship to OSU is a pretty big deal for a lot of students getting a scholarship is there dream, I can’t imagine how proud many people are of him.


“Yes, I am very confident and excited for playing for the beavers but I feel that I will succeed and hopefully go far in college ball,.” said Robinson

Emony is very excited to play for OSU because it was his first offer. He also said that he is very confident and can’t believe he has the opportunity to play for his favorite team, he is also very excited to be an Oregon beaver. Emony’s rushing for this year is 562 yards and his rushing and tackling combined is 600 yards.  


Students are inspired but a lot of things but some don’t here’s what Robinson had to say  “I didn’t really have a inspiration I just loved the game.”     

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Emony Robinson full ride scholarship to OSU