Naomi To George Fox

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Senior Naomi Fortanell-Bautista was selected as a recipient at George Fox University her scholarship covers books, fees, and housing. The estimate value of the scholarship is at least $200,000.

       Naomi got an academic scholarship to George Fox. George Fox University is a Christian university of liberal arts and sciences and professional studies. George Fox offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 40 majors, which more than 3,900 students attend classes at the university.

    “George Fox and Warner Pacific where my first choices because they were the only ones who had the academics scholarships,” said Naomi Fortanell-Bautista.

    Naomi was apart of the college possible program, act-six scholar ship, and is a full IB student. Act-six is for low income students who want to make a change in their community and want to become strong leaders.

     Naomi’s coach Yasmin Flodin-Ali has been a coach for a year` and a half and she is super excited about Naomi getting a scholarship. Naomi was a part of the college prep program, the program is for sophomores who would like to go to a four year college. Everyone in the program, including Naomi, applied to at least seven different colleges Yasmin read over all of the students applications. Naomi joined College Possible when she was a junior.  

      “I think it’s a good opportunity for Naomi.” said Yasmin  Flodin-Ali

        Everyone in Naomi’s  life is proud and really happy for her to receive scholarship. It is also a good  chance for  to show off her academic skills at a higher education.

         “I feel like all of my teachers helped me become who I am today.” Said Naomi Fortanell-Bautista

          It’s hard to get an academic scholarship and very impressive to get one. So make sure you congratulate Naomi.

          “I think everyone should try and get a scholarship no matter  what they think they are  going to do after high school no matter what their financial situation is” said Dona Reasor teacher of independ study

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Naomi To George Fox