Checkmate on game of strategy

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  There are all kinds of clubs at this school, such as anime, hiking and Speech and Debate, but there is no chess club, and the school needs one.

  Chess is a strategy game loved by many students and teachers, though there is no club for this passion within the school.

  “I find as a strategic game in which you can pit yourself against an opponent,” Freshman Wiatt Filter said.

  Sadly, many students are unable to express their passion for chess with others from their school. They are unable to find worthy opponents easily, or in some cases, at all, often causing a deterioration in skills. This is a topic of distress for many, and the inability to hone their skills could be resolved with a chess club.

  “It’s sort of like two minds against each other, it’s fun,” Freshman Cole Garber said.

  In chess, players have to do more than come up with a strategy, they have to guess the other player’s move and they have to know them. This often causes stable friendship between players. This can result in a more extroverted lifestyle and the ability to form closer relationships in life.

  “It helps you train your brain,” Freshman Rebecca Esparza said.

  Chess is a game of the mind, and players are forced to think in order to win. This repeated thinking and strategizing makes it easier to learn, and memorize information. This often helps in the learning period of life, and can keep the brain active as you grow older.

  It is not as if there are not students who want a chess club, many just have not pushed for one. The school might not have thought a club necessary due to the fact that there is one at the public library, but for some it is challenging to begin something out of their usual environment, whether it be a result of poor memory or anxiety.Those who do enjoy chess often hope that it will be an option available at school sometime in the near future.

  “I think a chess club, for the high school itself, would be cool,” Garber said.

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Checkmate on game of strategy