Playing the Part

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Lights, camera, One Acts! The curtain has set on the 2016-2017 school year’s annual One Act competition and every scene had potential to be the winner. However, only one could reign supreme.

  This year’s winners were the cast and directors of  “How To Kiss A Girl,” in which a shy, nervous boy asks his phone for help on his date and his search gives him very different answers. Sophomore Troy Chittock landed his first leading role in this year’s One Acts. He played the shy, nervous nerd Ken Beardsley.

  “I really did enjoy playing Ken,” said Chittock, “He’s such a funny character, and I got to try something new.”

  His costume was homemade. Instead of having the costume crew go through the trouble of designing his costume, he made it all himself.

  “I used a costume I built out of clothes from my closet,” said Chittock, “to save the costume crew some time.”

  With rehearsals being delayed due to inclement weather, Chittock remained hopeful and continued to strive for success. Between rehearsal days, Chittock memorised his lines at home, in turn, making rehearsal run smoother.

  “I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.” Chittock said.

  Other actors and actresses also enjoyed playing their roles just as much as Chittock did. Sophomore Miya Hoxie played a cowgirl, one of Ken’s search results. She was one of ten to give Chittock’s character some advice.

  “I did enjoy playing the part, but it was difficult to constantly stay upbeat.” Hoxie said.

  Hoxie enjoyed the play, and loved getting closer to her peers. However, every production has it’s ups and downs. With so many breaks in between rehearsal days, she started to get into the habit of staying up late and sleeping in, making going back into the school routine difficult.

  “My least favorite thing was having to go to rehearsals after my daily classes,” Hoxie said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love theatre, but I get exhausted quickly.”

  One of the directors, Senior Austin Paquette, was proud of the crew. He felt amazing seeing how great he directed,

  “My favorite part was seeing my cast come out in curtain call,” Paquette said.

  Every year, some seniors in drama are chosen to direct scenes in One Acts. This year, Mrs. Dempsey chose Paquette for ‘How To Kiss A Girl.’

  “Dempsey taught us a director unit in class,” Paquette said, “preparing us to be directors for our one act’s.”

  With this year’s One Acts over and a winner chosen, they look forward to competing regionals on Saturday, February 4th at Rex Putnum High School.

Photo Credit: Austin Paquette

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Playing the Part