Have I Told You

Merisa Taylor, Staff Writer, Page Designer

How hard this year has been

How long each day becomes

That I fear what might happen and

What has already become of us

What about that time we stopped talking for days

Oh how I wished to say I’m sorry but instead I said goodbye

And when you said fine I cried for hours


I search for you

When I think I see you a smile forms

But then the wind blows the dust and what’s left is just a memory of what was

Have I told you about my issues and about how I can’t stand the feeling of sadness

How I’m so afraid to displease you that I end up doing it anyway

How much I care for you


Love doesn’t even begin to describe this magic carpet ride we’re on

Have I even said those three little words

Every voice is different but the same old phrase always ends in goodbye

Where did you go? Will you ever come back?


I wish I could say everything is okay as we look at each other with painful smiles

A reminder of what could have been.

I think about the things we used to do together

How heartbreaking it was to see you doing our things with someone else

There will never be another one like you

I dream about the things we did that no one else would understand but us two


I would do anything for you

I will never leave

I will be there

Forever and always

Have I told you