Six Halloween costumes creatable from closet items

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As Halloween quickly approaches, it is time to decide what to wear as a costume. Whether the job is handing out candy, toting little siblings around or going to a Halloween party with friends, a good costume is a must.
Here are a few costumes that can be created from items that most people already have in their closet, or might be easily borrowed from a friend. These costumes work for people of all ages, not just high schoolers, so if you need a last-minute costume for a sibling you want to take trick-or-treating, keep reading.
These costumes are extremely easy to put together, and they are cost effective as well.

Photo by Olivia Decklar

Argus’ Associate Editor Olivia Decklar’s little sister Gracie looks like a true cowgirl with her boots and hat.


1. Cowboy/Cowgirl:

All that is needed for this one is a flannel, a pair of jeans (preferably medium-wash), a hat and a pair of boots. A flashy belt buckle is a plus, and maybe even add one of those horses on a stick if there is one lying around at home. These are not essential but do help enhance the look.






Photo by Olivia Decklar

Argus’ Associate Editor Olivia Decklar’s sister Sylvia “Arggs” for the camera as a pirate.


2. Pirate:

Here, a bandana tied around the head with a flowy-sleeved shirt will work. Tight pants paired with boots is ideal for the bottom half. If they are lying around the house dying to be worn, a tri-tip hat, eye patch, hook or peg leg is an extra.






Photo courtesy of Isamar Alvarez

Argus’ Business Manager Isamar Alvarez looks quite stylish, especially for one who is undead.


3. Zombie:

This one takes a little more effort. Find some old clothes in the closet that will not be needed again and beat them up a little. Cut some holes with scissors, splatter them with ketchup to imitate blood, and stomp on them in the dirt to get a good “living dead” effect. Here it would be good to use some makeup to pale the face, darken the eye sockets and paint on some gashes.





Photo courtesy of Alicia Nunziato

Senior Alicia Nunziato is the ultimate peace promoter in her hippie costume.


4. Hippie:
A tie-dye shirt paired with some bell bottoms might be found in the parents’ closet. Add those with a flowy skirt or light-washed high-waisted shorts round out the garb. Sandals and a headband complete the look. A bonus would be to add flowers, peace sign jewelry or a “Make love not peace” sign.






Photo by Olivia Decklar

Argus’ Associate Editor Olivia Decklar’s little sister Gracie shows off her cat costume.

Photo by Ashlee Lambert

Argus’ Opinion Editor Ashlee Lambert’s sister Julieann Rice, a sixth grader at Dexter McCarty Middle School, poses as a cat for Halloween, rocking whiskers drawn on with eyeliner.


5. Cat:
This is a fairly easy one. Dress in all black and use eyeliner to draw whiskers on the cheeks. Ears and a tail are not a must, but do help polish it off. Either way, people will still know what the costume is.







Photo by Brenda Alvarez

Argus’ Publicity Manager Brenda Alvarez’s little brother, a sixth grader at Dexter McCarty Middle School is lookin’ spiffy as a nerd.


6. Nerd:

Find a pair of suspenders and a button-up or polo shirt. Pair it with some glasses (real or fake) and high-waisted pants (can be pulled up to add to the effect), and it is good to go. Put some tape around the nosepiece of the glasses and carry around a textbook to look super nerdy.

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Six Halloween costumes creatable from closet items