Pizza Guys opening doors to new options

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If students are looking for a new place to grab something different to eat, then they should head over to Pizza Guys. Students can enjoy a slice of their favorite warm, cheesy pizza and not have to walk too far to get it.

Pizza Guys opened its doors just across the street on Sept. 18. They have been reaching out to students by offering coupons for free pizzas and handing out balloons. Even if balloons are known for little kids they were still fun for all, and when they added free pizza, and the easy lunch became a perfect combination for new customers.

The restaurant is quickly becoming a place known for good food –even if it does not have the lowest prices. Little Caesar’s may be better to go to because their prices are preferred, but Pizza Guys is better in terms of convenience.

Students should plan ahead when heading across the street for a slice. Ordering a whole pizza takes 10-15 minutes, but they also have a variety of pre-made pizzas. While it is not necessarily fast food, the timing can still work for students.

Prices for specialty pizzas vary from $22.99 to $10.99. They have many specialty pizzas to choose from. The Mexican taco pizza includes taco sauce and everything a taco would have. Their pizzas are creative and fun. They also have their Pizza Guys combo pizza with different meats like salami and italian sausage with a variety of veggies. This gives students a little bit of authentic Italian pizza. The build-your-own allows customers to choose their own crust with sauce and toppings. The pizza already comes with cheese and for every other topping you add, they charge customers more.

Pizza Guys offer options to choose from besides pizza. They have wings, pasta, desserts and different types of breads such as garlic, regular and cheese. Their wings are edible, but they should consider adding more spice to the sauce to give it a kick.

They also have calzone-folded pizza for $3.99 with a choice of toppings that is quick and easy to eat. Another item on the menu that is enjoyable is Muncheez for only $4.99, which includes ten pieces of potato covered with cheddar cheese and jalapeno, a quick meal that is enjoyable.

For dessert, they offer chocolate or vanilla cinna-twist, Butterfinger, strawberry, cookie dough and Dibs ice cream.

If you plan on eating there, there are a couple chairs for guests to sit in and wait for their order and there are two tables in the corner if guests would like to sit in and dine. It is too small a space for families, but it still makes for a good place to run in and grab something for lunch. A small television is located on the right wall, so it can be enjoyed by customers while waiting for their order, as well as checking out their menu that comes on during commercial breaks.

Though the prices may not be adequate for students’ budgets, they are still able to treat themselves to a simple yet close pizza place that can be enjoyed.

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Pizza Guys opening doors to new options