Gresham Faces Barlow On The Wrestling Mats


2016-01-13 19.44.54
Barlow coaches sit at attention and observe the effort of their wrestlers against Gresham.









2016-01-13 19.50.31
Gresham wrestler Jesse Restrepo preps for a match against Barlow.
2016-01-13 19.50.42
Restrepo shakes hands with his opponent, starting the match.
2016-01-13 19.53.50
Jesse Restrepo and wrestler from Barlow go at it in a twisted heap on the ground.
2016-01-13 19.54.21-1
Jesse Restrepo is recognized as the winner of his match by having his arm held up in the air.
2016-01-13 20.03.41
Iasaac Coc Cucul faces off with his Barlow Opponent looking for an opening.
2016-01-13 20.03.56
Coc Cucul and his advisory circle, holding each other at a distance.
2016-01-13 20.12.02
JJ Malanche waits for the referee to engage in his match.