Homework And School

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Homework from English

When students usually think about homework, they almost always get really stressed out. (I even got stressed out writing this final).  But sometimes most students get too lazy and just give up on homework. Yes, homework has its pros and cons.


Has homework impacted your life? Everyone’s answer should be yes. For most children and teens the answer is yes, in a negative way. But what most of us don’t see (like me) is that it impacts us in a positive way. But some of us are so caught up enjoying the moment either on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, games or even friends etc, that we forget about homework. Maybe this may not be your case but to most students it is or was.

 “Yes, it has prepared me for tests, but also used up a great deal of my time “ Justin Smith said.


Has homework ever stressed you out? To me homework was always an issue. Children and most teens was always come home from school and want to relax , even if it was for five minutes. Most kids almost never really wanted to do homework. Why? Well for starters students come from school and we had studied that material for an hour and understood it. But then the teacher would give us more work and it was stressful as a kid.

Centennial High School graduate John Brian Pelayo had a frustrating experience with homework, specifically projects.  

 “Homework can be very stressful; usually the homework that requires a lot of time from you. For example, group projects, they can be stressful if people don’t communicate which can result to a homework not being done, “Pelayo said.


 Do you think homework is necessary?

 “Not most of the time” Smith said.

To me homework can be necessary. Meaning that is like asking your students to write a paragraph on what the learned today and how you would use it on an everyday basis. Homework should not be long. Some of the teachers leave students homework that takes them 2-4 hours. Yes, most students get that they need to learn about the subject, but the subject shouldn’t have so many examples, for us to learn.

 “I think that homework isn’t useless to be honest” Ernie Sanchez, class of 2018, said.


Pros for homework, homework can help you understand work or the subject better. Cons for homework, homework can lead to stress.


Schools should be teaching us how to do things that we are going to use on our everyday basis. Yes our schools teach us things, important things , and other things we may never use in our lives. Schools should teach us about things we will use, an example is taxes. Or even balancing money at a bank. Those are things we do need. But I do understand that the teachers have to teach us these things for us to understand the subjects. No one can really prepare us for the real world.











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Homework And School