Pit bulls: The most hated, demonized breed in America


Joy Garcia

Junior Joy Garcia’s pit bull Haga

Makiya Franco, Staff Writer

All animals are always judged: big and small, black or brown, ugly or cute. All animals have some sort of stereotype against their breed. But, there’s always that one species that has it worse than others, and that dog is the pit bull.

     People tend to think pit bulls are vicious savages that have no control and only know how to attack. Pit bulls have a mean side, just like any other animal. It is in their nature to mark and defend themselves and their territory.We all get mad, sad and attack when feeling frightened. As all animals, they need to be trained, such as simply being put into an environment where it can get to know other things without the tension of sensing fear.

     Recent Gresham High School graduate and pit bull owner Jurnee Pope said, “The thing with breeds, is they’re all so different and unique. The American pit bull, German Shepherds, Rottweilers. They are all a much bigger breeds and have more power within them.” Like humans, animals learn and grow up in environments. Many people believe and say, it is not the dog, it is the owner. Pit bulls, as any other bigger breed dogs, have a strong defensive attitude but it is up to the owner on how to train their pets to act towards other humans as well as other animals.

      Abusing an animal can scar them and potentially make them become more vicious out of fear. Junior Jaya Marie, another pit bull owner, believes what you teach and practice towards the dog, is what you get. “You have to treat the dog lovingly and with care. With that, it’ll behave and have trust.” Marie says.

Pit bulls are also very patient animals. They’re extra gentle with children or adults with disabilities. Junior Joy Garcia says her pitbull is the sweetest dog she has ever owned. “My pit bull Haga, would always make sure that my younger cousin Bella would get up safely as she was still learning to walk. He made sure to be beside her and give her reassurance through dog kisses whenever he felt she needed it.”

    Pit bulls are put through the trauma of forced dog fighting, dogs going against each other in the form of violence, and given the title of “aggressive”. Violence impacts animals yet to this day pit bulls are one of the most abused dog breeds. Pits continue to be exterminated as part of preemptive measures designed to protect the “public”.

 Pit bulls shouldn’t be treated as if they are monsters. They are dogs. In fact, pit bulls are often chosen to be therapy dogs and are frequently work with search and rescue. Pit bulls are also great at bomb and narcotic sniffing. This breed is also known as “nanny dogs” because they’re so attentive and loving towards children. Pit bulls  take care of kids and protect them as if they are their own.

The stigma about pit bulls is mistaken. In good homes, just like any other dog, pit bulls are loving, loyal, and gentle. Pit bulls are made and forced into having a bad rap sheet, but deep down they’re just large softies.

Junior, Joyce Garcia’s pitt bull Haga.