Spring Sports Return with High Spirits


Simon Scannell

Varsity Softball game being monitored by Ms. Voelker. New COVID-19 guidelines are enforced at Gresham High’s home games.

Juliette Ramirez-Torres, Staff Writer

   Going from missing last spring’s sports completely to now being able to have spectators during games, school sports have come a long way. Fall sports returned in late February and finished in early April.  Springs sports started right after and are still in session.

   The school is making sure students are able to have a safe season by following the appropriate COVID-19 precautions. Before the start of practice athletes’ temperatures are checked and they are asked if they are experiencing any symptoms. Everyone, including coaches, is asked to wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing.

   Having spring sports back after the last season got canceled has been a great opportunity for student-athletes to get back in shape and to socialize with their fellow athletes again. This is particularly uplifting for seniors who are now able to participate in their last season in high school. 

   “I decided to do track this season because it’s my last chance to prove myself before college,” senior track and field athlete Ethan Halley said. 

   Sports have always been an excellent way for students to put their time and energy into something self-rewarding. Although athletes are fortunate enough to have a season, it’s definitely no secret that this season has been different than previous ones.

   “The whole season is way different than what I’m used to, not only with the masks and 6 feet apart but also just how things are being done this year,” junior dance member Keirsten Estep said.

   Not only must student-athletes adhere to COVID-19 precautions while participating in sports, but their seasons were cut short this year, causing some issues.

   “We are really short on practice time which negatively impacts skill development and team cohesion,” long-time softball coach Jim Gardenhire said.

   With such little time, teams are not able to achieve what they normally get done in a regular season. Even after all the new adjustments and struggles, students are still keeping a positive mindset and are excited to be able to play again.

   “It wasn’t what I expected [it] to be, but the atmosphere is up and we’re all having fun,” freshman baseball player Tucker Snow said.

   All the coaches and athletes can do is make the best of what they are given. Although this season hasn’t been ideal, it will certainly still have a positive impact on the next season. 

   “I am hoping the foundations we are laying this year, help with team bonding and trust next year so we can hit the ground running and not have some of the compressed season issues we have had this year,” Gardenhire said.

   All of the schools in the surrounding area have been through the same thing this year and have all had to adjust to this new normal.

   Winter sports start on May 10th. This year sports are pretty flexible about joining later in the season, coaches are there if any questions come up. The link below will directly go to ParentVue login where athletes can sign up for winter sports. They will need to sign in to ParentVue and fill out multiple forms, including a physical form within two years. There are no fees this year for sports.

Winter Sports Sign-Up