Springfest canceled for 2015

Starting this spring, Springfest will take place every other year. The decision was mainly made in order to synchronize with Sam Barlow High School, which does SpringFest every other year, according to activities director Kevin Hart.

“Springfest is a financial drain on the ASB,” Hart said. “We don’t get much revenue back.”

According to Hart, having Springfest every other year also allows for fundraising, which would make up for the lack of revenue.

“It costs about $2,000 a year to put on Springfest, so the opportunity to fundraise in between years would be great,” Hart said.

The money goes towards rides that are rented, food, and supplies for different activities.

While the carnival part will be every other year, the powderpuff football game and dance will still take place this spring.

Sophomore Jaymen Beall did not attend Springfest last year, but he empathizes with anyone who enjoys the event

“I think it is a shame for anyone who goes every year, specifically seniors, since they will not have a Springfest their last year,” Beall said.

While it is true some students will be disappointed, a change had to come at some point, according to Hart.

“Eventually you have to make that call,” Hart said. “Of course seniors will be upset, but at some point it just has to be done,:

For sophomore Garrett Henkle, the fundraising idea could help increase the number of students that attend Springfest.

“If we have a year in between to fundraise, I think more people will show up because they know how much work was put into it,” Henkle said.